Our three main brands may serve their own niche industries, but each brings the same values to the table: integrity, passion, and a liveliness for their work. That’s all part of the SVS Group’s secret sauce. If you want to be part of our success, you can learn about our brands below.


TotalMed Travel Nursing pairs compassionate and devoted nursing staff with healthcare facilities in need of a contingent solution of unequivocal quality. Our people contribute to patient care nationwide.

TotalMed Allied Health places quality healthcare specialists in hospitals, medical groups, and solo practitioners to cultivate outstanding care at every patient touch point. Our people make the whole healthcare experience exceptional.

TotalMed Medical Financial connects hospitals, medical groups, and solo practitioners with financial experts who can increase cost-savings and pursue financial efficiency. Our people make each client’s bottom line our top priority.

TotalMed Information Technology provides full-time and contingent healthcare IT professionals experienced in keeping projects on time and under budget. Our people help healthcare providers focus on their strengths.

TotalMed Coding Solutions contributes proficient medical coders who deliver crucial service and insight to the whole healthcare operation. Our people make the healthcare system move faster.


AWI Technology matches a variety of expert-level technology professionals with businesses in search of candidates. Our people have a knack for finding qualified, dependable talent.

AWI Engineering locates highly qualified and certified engineering talent that can elevate leading companies and government agencies beyond their expectations. Our people create partnerships that translate into success.


Total MSP is a contingent work-force solution that streamlines staffing processes and manages your complete fulfillment process.